Friday, February 24, 2012


Dear youtube,

The owner of the channel 'propheticseerchannel' on youtube has been harassing me and making videos with wild accusations against me.

This person by the name of Robert has defrauded more than 50 people on youtube. He is constantly stealing other people's videos, he has had 7 different channels taken down for violation of service terms agreements with youtube, people speak horribly of being defrauded by him all over youtube and google. Even his ex fiancee feels defrauded by him as he took over $10,000 dollars from her and ruined her credit and her ebay account and took her money to go gambling and drinking and chasing other women.

Her ex fiance Charlene says that Robert has an order for his arrest and that he is manic bipolar depresive and extremely unstable.

Many youtube people absolutely abhore him and call him a false prophet, a manipulator, an extorsioner, a liar, a two faced person, etc.

I made a video about him personally defrauding me as I followed and participated in his 'ministry' from February through June of this year until I saw all the lies and manipulation and the cult like mentality and the money he takes from his followers, he prays on weak minded people and new christians to take their money.

People believe that he is on drugs when he is on the internet. I got over 50 people private message me of their own horrendous experience with Robert when I put up my first video letting others know he wronged me.

I just think that he is a menace to the youtube community, constantly stealing other peoples materials and videos and putting his own rubber stamp to get people to go to his website so he can Lord over them, manipulate them, take their money and use and abuse them. Half the youtube community shares my sentiment, the half that don't is because they don't know him and his ways yet.

Today in his show after viciously attacking me he told all of his viewers -about 200 tonight- to go flag my videos and my channel and file complaints with youtube against me because I exposed his fraud and his exfiance after months of being terrified of him decided to speak the truth about Robert for all to know.

Robert further teamed up with the mother of my son with whom I have legal issues with going back 10 years to accuse me and defame me.

I will take down the videos on Robert that I've made in the past couple of days if you want and move on, but I just thin this con man needs to be exposed and many agree with me.

I pray that you please remove the strike on my channel of the interview with Charlene, Roberts ex fiancee that got tagged today... she is just exposing the man for who he really is, a dangerous and unstable manipulator!

Robert is circulating a parody video i made 2 years ago claiming that i want to murder people with a machine gun, he has vandalized and deleted our livestream account and discussion forum for which criminal and civil charges have been filed against him. He is a menace to society!

he and the mother of my son got together to set me up and attack me and then flag my videos as Robert told his 200 viewers to go flag my videos lasts night.

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